Food Prep Sunday!

Its Food Prep Sunday! Yes, this is my day where I gather all my thoughts and sale items of course to purchase items for the week. It can be a bit of a challenge when you are trying to figure out what can be made that won’t become boring by the end of the week. When I first started this routine, it helped me a lot to keep up with what I was eating, but by day 3 it had gotten to a place where I just didn’t want what I cooked anymore. I had to adjust some things so that I wouldn’t … Continue reading Food Prep Sunday!


One of my favorite things to cook when the weather is changing to its cool side is SOUP! I love a good soup. This time I am making my own spin on a Ginger Carrot soup. ingredients include the following: Veggie Broth, red onions, green onions, red pepper, carrot , ginger, garlic, and apple cider vinegar. Salt and pepper to taste. I like to puree my red pepper, ginger and garlic first  so that it can give the soup a more flavorful taste. Next up! My butternut squash cashew cream soup. Continue reading SOUP! IT’S GETTING COLD

Is it Over Yet? 5 Ways to Get Over Workout Boredom

Running running and more running. I should be feeling good and it is good for me, but I get so bored out of my mind. Have you ever experienced this particular scenario while walking or running on the treadmill? Well we have all been there. You go and go and it seems like a never-ending boredom until the belt finally stops and the screen states that you are done. Well my friend, there is hope to all of this madness. Here are a couple of ideas to help  keep you pushing in a more positive state. Dont just play music, make a … Continue reading Is it Over Yet? 5 Ways to Get Over Workout Boredom

How to Get Out of Your Nutrition Funk

Thank you for tuning into my blog which I love so much. (I think its time for a podcast, what do you think?) LOL.. If this is your first time joining,  we talk about everything from Health, fitness, fashion, music you know everything obtaining to an everyday lifestyle . I love interacting with people so don’t be shy and contribute with a comment 🙂 Today I am going to get into how to get out of your “nutrition funk”. What I mean by this is that a lot of people are trying to eat right  in today’s world because lets face … Continue reading How to Get Out of Your Nutrition Funk


So,I have been hearing all over the media about this Whole Foods fiasco of them apparently overcharging people on some of their products. I am a regular shopper,and like most people who have also shopped there knew they were way overpriced. This is nothing new. I mean come on let’s be real , I even knew for myself that a particular product couldn’t be that much I don’t care how “organic” or “natural” it may be. BUT  I still continue to shop because I still love the choices that I have vs. going to a regular chain grocery store. For example, even … Continue reading TO WEIGH OR NOT TO WEIGH

#ARGANOIL – 100% Pure & USDA Organic

Wearing your hair natural  and wanting to wear a blow out? This is the perfect item to help  maintain a smooth and straight look. It is 100% pure oil with no chemicals or harmful ingredients. I like to use it mixed with Jamaican castor oil for a conditioner or oil treatment. I also use it on my daughter’s hair as well. Another plus for this item is that a little goes a long way, so only use a couple of drops so it will not weigh your hair down too much. I love new products and trying them to see … Continue reading #ARGANOIL – 100% Pure & USDA Organic