Food Prep Sunday!

food prepping

Its Food Prep Sunday! Yes, this is my day where I gather all my thoughts and sale items of course to purchase items for the week.

It can be a bit of a challenge when you are trying to figure out what can be made that won’t become boring by the end of the week.

When I first started this routine, it helped me a lot to keep up with what I was eating, but by day 3 it had gotten to a place where I just didn’t want what I cooked anymore. I had to adjust some things so that I wouldn’t waste any food.

My Idea?

Variety and don’t plan.

Yes don’t plan. What I mean by this is to get a few food items that you like with a few core ingredients and seasonings. Once you have decided what you would like for the week, THEN create some recipes from the items that you have bought. This in return makes the creative process edgy, unknown, surprising, and of course less boring.

So here’s a few more pointers:

1. Purchase a notebook the is dedicated to just meal planning. Take some time and make a list of all  the foods that you like.

2. Try to have what I call a food calendar on hand. This will help plan week by week what foods you should buy.
3. Mix up your meals – Use dinner for lunch, lunch for dinner on opposite days. Breakfast can be a little more flexible.
4. Make food 2 days at a time. This will give more room to be creative instead of making a whole weeks worth of food.
5. Don’t try to buy too many different items. Like for example meats:  try to stick with 2 instead of 4 different kinds. Veggies the same. The    reason being is because if you buy too many of a variety it becomes overwhelming.

Next Week: Cooking With Oils: Should they be used or not used. If so what kinds are Best?


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