Is it Over Yet? 5 Ways to Get Over Workout Boredom

Running running and more running. I should be feeling good and it is good for me, but I get so bored out of my mind. Have you ever experienced this particular scenario while walking or running on the treadmill? Well we have all been there. You go and go and it seems like a never-ending boredom until the belt finally stops and the screen states that you are done.

Well my friend, there is hope to all of this madness. Here are a couple of ideas to help  keep you pushing in a more positive state.

  1. Dont just play music, make a playlist  – Most people play music but who wants to keep stopping and going trying to search for that one song that gets your adrenaline pumping while working out.  Since majority of the population has some type of device that has music apps attached, try to make a playlist with your favorite songs that get and keep you hype. Take some free time and just start creating!

2.  Listen to podcasts! –  Listening to podcast are great because nothing helps more than hearing something motivational or   just simply learning new things while you are working out. This step helps because it keeps your mind off the minutes and more on what you are listening to. Here’s a little tip: For however long you are trying to workout, try to find a podcast that has the same time length. For example, if you are exercising for 30 mins., look for a podcast that streams for 30 mins.

3. Workout in segments – Who wants to do the same thing for 40 mins. straight. I know for me I hate it! Try breaking up your routines from time to time. One way is to maybe run / walk for 10 mins., going into some type of strength training for 10mins, get back and run for another 10 min. It makes the time go by so fast.

4. Concentrate on your fitness goals. – Try to focus on your fitness goals as much as possible. This can help give you that extra push when you feel like quitting a little too early.

5. Make sure you have a good pre-workout meal – Eating something before a workout gives you that energy that you need to continue and last until the end. If you are not sure what type of meal to have before hand, the internet has tons of articles suggesting what kind of great small meals to have. For me, I like to just have a granny smith apple and a little peanut butter. It all depends on your schedule.

Any suggestions or questions? please feel free to comment.


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