So,I have been hearing all over the media about this Whole Foods fiasco of them apparently overcharging people on some of their products. I am a regular shopper,and like most people who have also shopped there knew they were way overpriced. This is nothing new. I mean come on let’s be real , I even knew for myself that a particular product couldn’t be that much I don’t care how “organic” or “natural” it may be. BUT  I still continue to shop because I still love the choices that I have vs. going to a regular chain grocery store. For example, even the meat I feel they overcharge with weighing. It has been numerous times that I have had to challenge the store employee about the cost. It took a while but I finally figured out how they try to get you to get more.

You see they are banking on you to swing your attention to something while you wait because of course it takes a couple of minutes for them to prep it for you. As soon as you turn around after being distracted, they quickly put it on the scale and wrap it so fast that you never had a chance to see if you were getting the weight that you were asked for. Also , if you are staying at attention while they are completing your order, they go over a little to see if you are okay with it hoping you will be okay with it and be on your merry way. Well me I am very attentive after getting hoodwinked a couple of times.

They ask me if their little over the top sale pitch of putting  a little more on the scale is okay I quickly say no take some off that’s not what I wanted.

This brings me to another experience that I had at another  totally different brand name grocery store . I asked for a half a pound of chicken salad and the guy I guess thought I wasn’t looking because I had my three-year old with me and( we know how they get down when they are in the store) that hopefully I wasn’t paying attention to what he was trying to slip me. Little did he know I am a mother of four so I pretty much can multi task like a beast. But anyway he was trying to give me 3/4 chicken salad. I was like “um excuse me sir that’s not what I wanted.” I wanted a 1/2 pound of salad. He looks at me with this dumb look like he didn’t know. Please! He tried his best to pull one over on me.

Now back to Wholes Foods.  See we have to realize that Whole Foods has been in business for years and is one of the most trusted organic stores amongst the people so it really wasn’t any type of chain grocery stores in competition with them so they basically could charge what they wanted and people were okay with it (well sort of). Now its 2015 and organic natural products are becoming popular and generating more fans by the seconds and other chain grocery stores for example like Kroger are starting to carry more and more non gmo and organic products.

This to me kind of puts Whole Foods in this big shining light on their prices.  People are starting to question some things.

Only time will tell how this will all turn out, but until then I will still be rocking with them ..mostly sale items though..


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