Throw Away New Years Resolutions and Just Get CREATIVE!!!


Well as we all know it’s the 1st day of the new year of 2015. People have new feelings, new goals, and new resolutions etc. that they feel the need to share with the abundance of the world or social media I should say. I have never been a fan of resolutions because it’s like a drug in a sense. It’s like after that first high that you get you still seem to not be able to fulfill it after the first try. This in return turns into a sad case of destruction of our feelings instead of the physical body itself.

Some may achieve their goals but let’s face it most do not. Is it our sense of hope with not realizing that there may be some road blocks that will be hard to get through, or are we just so happy to be in a new year that we actually think that we are starting over when in reality, the days are technically still the same.

Now I am not trying to be a sap, I am just trying to state how I feel people can get away from all of the hoopla of resolutions and…….


I say this because as we get more creative, we can better concentrate on the task at hand and focus less on the time frame of our ideas. Still have a goal in pursuit, just try not to stress about if we are going to make it with perfection at our scheduled time. If you have ever researched people who have actually profit from  their creativity, they really didn’t set a goal it just happened with a great idea. After they set their idea into testing and everything worked out to their liking,  then a goal was set on how to grow their position and get the attention of how they want the world to know whether its through financial gain or just simple recognition. I’m not saying to not have any goals in mind just try to relax and let “creativity” take over.

What gets you in the creative mood?


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