Bobby Pins – A Natural Hair Saver

bobby pins

So…have you ever been out either working, shopping, etc…and its this piece or section of hair that just doesn’t want to do right? Either humidity has gotten a hold of it, your curl has turned into no curl at all, or simply the style decided to have a mind of its own. This is so much the case with me ever since I started wearing my hair natural since 2008.

On top of it taking years to finally find the right products, now my hair was starting to play tricks on me. After time and time over again I would think back to my grandmother always taking a bobby pin and pinning her hair. She would have bobby pins in her car, purse, coat it didn’t matter. See she was a beautician so I just felt maybe she was taking them home by accident. But then I realized they served a special purpose. They saved the day when you are just fed up with the almighty hair having its way.

So now after finally getting to my senses,  I always keep a couple of pins on me AT ALL TIMES. It is a must which has saved me some hair days that would have otherwise went in the wrong direction.

So my advice is to keep those precious little bobby pins close to you cause they will come in handy in the most “awkward” situations. IGuess?


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