So with all the hype about Jlo and Iggy Azalea bringing the big butt movement to the forefront “supposedly” when we all know most African decent people have had big butts with a well endowed DNA from the beginning of time but because we are not considered the “American beauty”‘ it somehow appears better or acceptable on long, straight hair, fair-skinned women.

I can go on and on for days driving, swimming, jumping, doing the running man, twerking around this issue that I so have a problem with, but  all I want to know is since her and she have given the attention to fashion designers magazines and such….. Can I now get some jeans out of the deal?

We all know jeans are not made for the curvy girl with butt and hips; I mean there are some that cater but none nearly as the ones that are available  to buy with easy access. When stretch jeans became more accessible that was the best moment for us as women with big booties.

Jlo, can you put a word in someone’s ear  to make them aware that its okay to put a little room in their jeans. It’s okay to widen them just a little, you know give it a chance where it gives way to the romp. I mean she can use her star power for the good of the booty can’t she? Until then I will hope to  finally find that perfect pair I Guess?

image courtesy of : Google image


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