“Do the Right thing” a spike lee movie that made its way on the scene in the summer of 1989. Even though I had just turned 9 that March and was allowed to see it, it showed a powerful message about racism and police brutality in a movie perspective. The only thing, it was NOT just a movie, it was also a reality then and now. So much a reality, fast forward to the year 2014 and  this type of message still lives on. For a couple of years now a lot of attention has been fueled because of social media that this type of “Radio Raheem” action is still taking place and it’s getting worse or has it always been this way? It’s just now technology makes things a little more accessible than usual.

At my 34 years of age with now 3 black male boys with one at the age of 14, it hits home more than ever. The image of the black male has been tainted as being negative, to the point where there is no regards to life. It doesn’t help that even in our own communities people are killing each other that look like them for whatever reason. Even though I feel these are two separate situations, they both intertwine to a dynamic of self-pride and self-worth. Do we know our self-worth? Is it something that may have been taken away from us for so many years that we do not know how to embrace it even today?

After observing the news these past few days my heart goes out to the families of the victims so much that it even makes me angry and frustrated that in today’s society our children basically have to fear their own skin AGAIN. We as a people have to find a solution to the problem and to also not get too comfortable when society “pretends” to accept the African American culture. It’s sad to say but racism against blacks in America are so deep rooted that it will take a whole lot of whatever I really don’t know to turn this whole thing around. It may change, it may not, but I do know that a revolution of a new generation of people needs to happen to show that we are powerful, intelligent, magnificent, wonderful human beings whose history dates back to having the biggest accomplishments ever made.

So as I take these “Radio Raheem” moments and reflect on what more I can do, hopefully millions of people like me will do the same so that “Do the Right Thing” will only be just a movie and not a REALITY.

RIP to all the young victims across the nation.


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