My Natural Hair Dreams: A Retro Freedom


Music is my world and my hair is too so its obvious that I like to vibe and rock to both. That’s why I must have the freedom of whichever way it may want to flow on any given day. I have been wearing my God-given hair strings for about 7 years now and have not looked back since. The energy that it brings is incredible without having all the heavy commercialism of straight, permed, billion dollar industry hair tactics to associate with.

It’s a freedom of expression that only one can experience within themselves because of its unique patterns that have been passed down from MY native people no matter what culture they may have been. I love the fact that it really doesn’t have a definition but just a definition of its own style.

Natural hair dreams is my take on how I want my hair to go to the next level whether its color, cut, crazy, layed back or just free. Only time will tell where my journey will continue BUT until next time if you are natural keep dreaming with retro freedom…of HAIR….



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