#Exercising: Outside or Inside???? What is your preference

While sitting here listening to Sango’s album called North which is putting me into a vibe of thought progress, I am thinking about how I can take myself to the next exercise level. How I can gain more strength and muscle mass. I love working out in my home because its easy access, but now that the weather has broken I can now step outside to enjoy and get a workout done. I am a mother and wife which starts the day with taking kids to school all starting at 7 in the morning all the way up until 8:45 which I have to be a work at 10:00 (I know crazy schedule). But back to the message at hand…We all like different types of exercises that I guess fits our mood. For me I get bored very quick so I have to have a session where not one exercise is the same. I think this is why exercising outside is really getting my attention these days.


What type of exercises do enjoy on the outside?


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