NEW FAVORITE Beauty PRODUCTS!!!!! #naturalhair #skincare


I have finally found products that I like ranging from hair products for natural hair, makeup, skin care and even deodorant . I have been using these products for a little while now and I absolutely love them!!!!

Hair Care: I have been wearing my hair in its natural state for about 5 years now and it has been a very long road / trial an error with determining what is the right products for my hair type. Thank goodness for the net and YouTube cause now I know what to look for when choosing a product.  The combination of these products have done wonders for me:  Beautiful Curls Hair Oil, ACURE conditioner and shampoo, Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter, and Cantu Define and Shine Custard.

Dry Skin: My face can get very dry at times and some moisturizers still do not do the trick. I started using this Skin Serum by JULEP and it really helps with the dry skin. It’s for the whole body but I use it on my face instead.

Deodorant: I have always been skeptical about commercial deodorants on the shelf especially since my underarms always seemed to itch at most times. This has led me to try a more natural deodorant for my skin.  Most of them always made me sweat worse and it seemed to not last long. After trying a sample I received with my monthly subscription, I couldn’t believe how great it was even when I am sweating a lot.  It is called PRIMAL PIT PASTE. This stuff is great and it only has 5 ingredients to it which are not all that harmful to your health.


What are some  your favorite products?? Come in and join the conversation!!!




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