TIRED of the same old exercise Routine? Add VARIETY!!

Blog picExercising is great for our health and has very positive results, BUT if one chooses to stick to a regular, same, rehearsed routine it can get very boring really quick. This in return can cause a lot of us to give up or take a “break” for a little while. I know for me I will get frustrated if I am stuck in a routine with no changes what so ever.

Have you ever watched an exercise video where they have maybe 8 exercises but with three rounds that you have to do?  After the first its a wrap for me because it starts to get old and then I will just skip the whole video after the 1st round is up.

So how do I spice up my routines? I choose to do things that I like and incorporate them together as my exercise regimen for the day.

One example is since I love to dance, and lift weights, I will do 20 mins each of the following: a toning exercise, strength training and one of the Wii games like the hip hop experience, the Micheal Jackson experience or the 1st two just dance games.

Everyone is different but this is what works for me.

How do you mix it up for a great workout?


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