Exercise Clothing:To be or not to be Stylish

After looking at this video, this woman seems happy about her outfits while exercising and she should be  BUT ………

waking up in the morning half sleep trying to get over the fact that you somehow decided to do your workouts early in the day, can be gruesome sometimes. In the middle of all that drama, you are  trying to decide what  in the world are you going to wear . Do you put on something simple or do you reach for that nice outfit that defines all those special places that you worked so hard for?  If you are like me, showing what you are working with is clearly out of the picture until you reach your milestone on looking tone and lean.  If you are a gymaholic ,  it makes matters even worse.

So is it important to be stylish while working out or should you just put on a good ole’ fashion t-shirt and pants and sweat it out?

I have battled with this situation for years and have come to the conclusion that it is entirely up to how I feel right before working out.  Yeah I would love to put on that spandex tight out fit with the highlighter colored looking tennis shoes looking like the lady that you see running down the street swinging her hair with barely any fat left like she has no care in the world. One day I am going improve my style BUT after careful consideration I think I will have to just stick to my  T-shirt,  pants and walmart tennis shoes for now I GUESS?


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