R Kelly – “Black Panties” Album Review


R Kelly has released a new album called “Black Panties”and I am a little on both  sides of the fence with this one. Being an almost 34-year-old who basically grew up on his music back from when he first drop with the group “Public Announcement ” in the early 90’s. He eventually went solo and blew up from there. I like some of the songs on the album with the 1st one being my favorite. The only thing that I can’t get pass is this mans age. I know age is the essence of a person and you are only as young as you feel BUT  hearing this almost knocking on 50 yr old  man talking about clubbin, here is my sex proposal and I just want to marry the p***y makes me even feel a little weird and I don’t know why? Listening to him seems like he is going through a midlife crisis. The album seems more of  joke but with great production.  It gets even weirder when he is doing a skit basically about a man and a woman having an argument with each other BUT he’s playing both parts!! WTH….that’s just weird period. I understand he is trying to give the essence of the album “12 play” but Rkelly we need you to simmer down because you are really freaking us out…LITERALLY..


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